Public Speaking School: Students Must Have the Courage to Speak

This year, Himaprodi Diksasindo, the Gardapati 2022 cabinet, launched a new work program that focuses on developing speaking skills, namely the “Public Speaking School”. This program has been implemented and ends on Saturday, September 17, 2022 offline at Villa Bukit Tlekung, Batu.

Public Speaking School is a work program from the Department of Human Resources Development (PSDM) which is specifically for Himparodi administrators to foster enthusiasm and build self-confidence to speak in public. This activity is carried out for four months with one meeting in each month. At the first and third meetings, the activity focused on providing materials online by two main speakers, namely Irma Istiqamah Muhiddin SKG as the 2020 Student Executive Vice President and Mrs. Nia Budiana, M.Pd as a lecturer in the Indonesian Language and Literature Education study program. While the third and fourth meetings focused on online and offline practical activities. This activity is expected to be a provision for Himaprodi management to develop their gait and speaking skills so that they can adapt wherever they are. “Public Speaking School is one of the best programs I’ve been waiting for so far,” said Mrs. Nia when giving the material for the second batch. Furthermore, Mrs. Nia also hopes that this activity can continue to be developed and be continued into various competitions at the National level. (wrl)

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