Diksasindo FCS UB Successfully Sends Three Students to Thailand for Teaching Assistance

On Monday, January 9 2023, the Indonesian Language and Literature Education study program (Diksasindo), Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya, succeeded in sending three female students to Thailand accompanied by two lecturers during their departure. The departure assistance which is carried out for three consecutive days aims to accompany and leave female students for the next month at schools that are partners in Teaching Assistance activities, namely Salihiyah School and Songserm Wittaya School.

The names of the students who departed included Salamah, Pratista Widya Satwika, and Wakhidatus Salma who were Diksasindo students class of 2020. The lecturers assigned to accompany them included Mrs. Eti Setiawati as the study program head and also Mr. Maulfi Syaiful Rizal.

“We are sending students to cooperate abroad, the point is cooperation for teaching assistance to students of Indonesian Language and Literature Education. In addition, this activity is also to translate the rules from the Ministry of Education and Culture and Higher Education where students carry out activities outside the campus,” said Ms. Eti Setiawati as the head of the study program when interviewed.

Departing at 07.00 WIB from the Faculty of Cultural Sciences building B, the group of lecturers and students arrived at Juanda International Airport at 09.00 WIB. Furthermore, takeoff is carried out at 11.40 WIB, followed by transit in Malaysia, until arriving at Hat Yai International Airport at 18.20 local time. The group was then picked up by Fatoni University, a partner in the Teaching Assistance MoU whose job was to bridge the Diksasindo FCS UB with the target schools.

The next day (10/01), at eight o’clock in the morning local time, the group was picked up by the Salihiyah School and a reception, discussion, and presentation of the MoU and souvenirs were carried out upon arrival. At around one o’clock in the afternoon, after leaving two students –Pratista and Wakhidatus, the rest of the group returned to Fatoni University to conduct a guest lecture and discussion regarding the continuation of the MoU.

On the last day of the assistance, Fatoni University together with the two lecturers escorted Salamah to Songserm Wittaya School, Hat Yai to carry out assignments for the next month. The series of activities carried out at Songserm Wittaya School included signing the MoU and exchanging souvenirs. After signing the contract, the lecturer headed to Hat Yai International Airport to return to the Faculty of Cultural Studies, Universitas Brawijaya.

“Students here, apart from studying, also work on assignments that will be converted into future courses. They have to write logbooks, textbooks, articles, also do research while here,” concluded Ms. Eti Setiawati when asked about future student activities.

Author: Salamah

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