The Faculty of Humanities recently introduced several new facilities. This of course attracted enthusiasm from students of the Faculty of Cultural Sciences. The students hope that the new facilities at FIB can support learning activities even better. Come on, take a peek and get to know what are the newest facilities at FIB that make students enthusiastic about participating in learning!

Of course, students who often take classes at FIB B are already familiar with this park. FIB Park is located on the 1st floor of FIB B Building. Even though FIB Park has just been built, many students already know about this newest facility. How could that be? This FIB B park has attracted the attention of students with its aesthetic elements. A blue pond equipped with plants and a few benches on the outskirts of the garden makes the garden look beautiful. FIB B Park is also suitable for relaxing or doing assignments while looking at the sights around Building B. So FIB B students can take advantage of this facility as a study support, you know!

FIB B Building Gallery is one of the newly completed facilities. This gallery is located on the 1st floor of the FIB Building. The facility is used for exhibitions of books by lecturers, paintings, and works by students of the Faculty of Cultural Sciences. Many works and books are exhibited in this gallery. For students who have an interest in work exhibitions, they can visit the Gallery of the Faculty of Cultural Sciences.

Furthermore, there is no less interesting, namely the Microteaching Room. FIB A Microteaching Room was also recently renovated. This room is used as a facility to support student academic activities. This Microteaching Room is usually used as a place for practical learning in class. This room is located on the 7th Floor of FIB A Building. This room provides sophisticated support for learning activities, such as television, speakers, and others. There are three Microteaching rooms at once, namely Microteaching 1, Microteaching 2, and Microteaching 3. The Microteaching room with monochrome ornaments makes this room even more attractive.

The Movie Room is also on the 7th Floor of FIB A Building, you know. This room can be used by lecturers, students, and teaching staff for academic and non-academic activities. Students use this room as a place to learn to make new films or commercials, dub, edit, perform indoors, record, and so on. Of course, this room has sophisticated devices to support the activities carried out in the Movie Room. Movie Room is equipped with an LCD projector, mixer amplifier, video switcher, television, personal computer, microphone receiver, and others. Especially now that the Movie Room has undergone a renovation period. Film Room looks more colorful and wider. So, make students feel at home for long using this facility.

The Faculty of Cultural Studies also facilitates LKM, BEM, and DPM so that these institutions have a comfortable discussion space. Then, this room can also be used as a place to store files related to the organization. This room is quite spacious and equipped with various supporting equipment in it, such as tables and chairs. This room is located on the 1st Floor of FIB B Building.

One of the newest facilities owned by the Faculty of Cultural Sciences is the Department Room. The department room is located on the 1st floor of the Faculty of Cultural Sciences Building. This room is used to provide class needs, such as erasers, markers, laptops, pointers, and so on. Facilities such as electronic devices (laptops, pointers, etc.) can be borrowed on condition that students must provide a student identification card. However, for borrowing markers and erasers, you do not need to provide a student card. The department room can be a support in helping to provide classroom equipment in supporting teaching and learning activities.

The FIB B building is currently building a prayer room as well. This prayer room is provided to facilitate mobilization when going to worship. Students whose class is in FIB B can carry out worship in this prayer room. So FIB B students don’t have to go far to pray at FIB A because the FIB B Building has also built a new prayer room facility.

So, those are some of the newest facilities in the Faculty of Humanities, both in Building A and Building B. These facilities are expected to support learning activities as well as possible. Hopefully the new faces in Buildings A and B FCS can increase the enthusiasm for learning for the students of the Faculty of Cultural Sciences!

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