Pertukaran Mahasiswa Merdeka (PMM): Diving Education, Exploring a Country Breathing Tolerance

The Independent Student Exchange is one of the Free Learning -Free Campus (MBKM) programs through student exchange activities launched by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology. This program opens opportunities for students to gain learning experience outside the study program, especially in universities on different islands from the domicile and the university the students come from. The Student Exchange Program is held for one semester and can be joined by odd semester students, starting from the third semester. The Merdeka Student Exchange is expected to be able to give a deep impression to students in acquiring new knowledge in a relatively short time (one semester). This is in accordance with the tagline of the Free Student Exchange, namely Temporary Exchange, Meaningful Forever.

The Merdeka Student Exchange Program is able to add experience, knowledge, relationships, and exploration that helps students develop their potential through one of the compulsory subjects, namely the Nusantara Module. The Nusantara Module is an activity that aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of diversity, national insight, and love for the motherland which includes four types of activities, namely cultural exchange, inspiration, reflection, and social contribution. These activities help students in supporting the acquisition of educational knowledge as well as carrying out diversity tolerance awareness in the country. Through this program, students will get credit recognition of up to 20 credits. The Merdeka Student Exchange which has extraordinary benefits is expected to be able to get student enthusiasm, especially in the Indonesian Language and Literature Education Study Program, Universitas Brawijaya.

Mr. Maulfi Syaiful Rizal, M.Pd. as Chair of the Student and Lecturer Development Institute of the Faculty of Cultural Sciences explained that the Indonesian Language and Literature Education study program provides support for students who are interested in participating in the Independent Student Exchange activities. This is shown by the several efforts made by the study program, namely in the form of mentoring the MBKM team from the study program. The mentoring team from the study program helps direct students in choosing a university, choosing courses to take, and converting courses. Assistance by the study program is able to increase the opportunities for students of the Language and Literature Education study program in the Independent Student Exchange. Study Program fully supports things that can provide insight and new experiences for students.

Of course, the Independent Student Exchange program goes through several selection stages that must be passed by fellow students, starting from creating an account and registering on the Merdeka Student Exchange (PMM) page, filling in information according to instructions, uploading the required documents, choosing a college. high taking into account the location, distribution, quota, minimum interest limit at the destination tertiary institution. Then, the PMM Team will verify, validate, and determine the selected students. Selected students will take part in a diversity survey at the time of registration. Students also need to complete the required documents. Then the last stage, namely the announcement by the Directorate General of Higher Education, Research and Technology.

One of the two Indonesian Language and Literature Education study program students batch 2021 who took part in the Merdeka 2 Student Exchange program, namely Yazid Farisy and Nadia Khairun Nisa. They had the opportunity to take part in the PMM program in Kupang, West Nusa Tenggara, at Nusa Cendana University to be precise. They are happy to have the opportunity to take part in the Merdeka Student Exchange program and enjoy the natural beauty of Kupang. They expressed a lot of experience, knowledge, and the range of new relationships they got. They learn new things, adapt to diversity, tolerate, and respect each other in the midst of differences. However, they also hope that there will be an upgrade of the Merdeka Student Exchange program to make it even better in the future, considering that the Merdeka Student Exchange program is only running its second PMM. The Merdeka Student Exchange is expected to be able to evaluate the implementation of the previous PMM program.

For students who are interested in participating in the Independent Student Exchange program, they can prepare themselves because the third PMM program will soon be opened. Students can prepare the documents needed at the time of registration so that later filing can run smoothly. In addition, students of the Indonesian Language and Literature Education study program need not be afraid of converting credits because the MBKM Team from the study program is ready to help friends in participating in this Independent Student Exchange program. Come on, prepare yourself to develop your potential in educational diving while exploring the country through the Free Student Exchange program!

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