Procedure for Submitting a Competition Budget

The Indonesian Language and Literature Education Study Program, Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya supports the interests and talents possessed by students. This is done in a number of ways, starting from notification of competition info, assistance by supervisors, to submission of funds that will be assisted by the Department of Talent Interests of Himaprodi Indonesian Language and Literature Education. So, Diksasindo friends don’t need to worry, especially about funding issues. Let’s see how to submit a competition budget!

1. Making proposals
First of all, contestants make proposals in advance. However, there is no need to worry because the Indonesian Language and Literature Education Himaprodi Talent Interest Department is ready to assist in the preparation of this proposal.

2. Sign the proposal to Student Affairs
One of the participants who take part in the competition needs to ask for a signature from the Student Affairs section. Before that, the proposal will be checked first. If there is a revision, it will be revised by the person in charge of the competition from the Talent Interest Department. If there are no revisions, then the student affairs section will assist so that the proposal gets the signature of the Deputy Dean for Student Affairs, Alumni and Student Entrepreneurship, namely Dr. Aji Setyanto, S.S., M.Litt.

3. Submission of funds
After the proposal is signed, the next step is to submit funds to the finance department. The finance department will process and provide funds in the amount of 70% of the budgeted funds. The remaining 30% of funds will be given after the preparation of the Accountability Report.

Well, the explanation above is the procedure for applying for competition funds. For friends of Diksasindo who want to develop their talents (participating in competitions) there is no need to worry because there will be assistance from the Talent Interests Department from Himaprodi Indonesian Language and Literature Education. Apart from that, students who want to upload their articles to reputable and indexed journals can also submit a budget to the faculty. So, don’t hesitate to develop your potential and talents. Let’s hone our potential together to develop ourselves and support Diksasindo to go even further!

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