MMD: Realization of Student Contribution to the Country

Student Building Villages is the name of the activity from the Community Service course which targets building 1,000 villages in East Java Province. MMD is a program that can have a positive impact on students, lecturers, village communities, and Universitas Brawijaya. This program aims to increase the involvement of tertiary institutions and facilitate students to play an active role in strengthening social, economic and community environmental capacities. MMD-1000 Villages are encouraged to find solutions to problems encountered by villagers. Through Village Building Student activities, it is hoped that students will be able to hone student soft skills in various skills, starting from abilities, honing soft skills in building teamwork, namely the ability of students to work together across scientific disciplines and leadership in managing development programs in rural areas. Apart from that, MMD can also be a means for students to develop skills and apply the knowledge gained at universities to the context of village development.

Students Building Villages are required to be attended by students of Brawijaya University who have taken semester 4 of Bachelor/Diploma-4 (class of 2021) and can be joined by students of Class 2020 and 2019 who have not taken Community Service or the equivalent. The recognition of this activity is the Community Service Course which weighs 4 credits in semesters between Even to Odd of the Academic Year concerned. The presence of the MMD-1000D program is expected to have a significant positive impact on village development, follow-up on the implementation of MBKM, achievement of IKU, IKM participation for lecturers-students-lecturers-stakeholders, THE Impact Ranking, National and International Accreditation, and development of Data Centers, Universitas Brawijaya .

The success of the Student Building Village program is judged by how well students understand the problems that exist in the community and can contribute to the solution, which is assessed by their efforts to communicate alternative solutions, and coordinate with various parties to realize the solutions that have been found by students. With the MMD program activities, students are expected to gain experience of living in society and can contribute more in developing and applying their academic knowledge.


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