Contributing to Building Diksasindo Jaya: P4

The Department of Indonesian Language and Literature Education, Faculty of Cultural Studies, Universitas Brawijaya (FCS UB) held an Introduction and Learning Management Program (P4). The Learning Introduction and Management Program (P4) is a course that must be fulfilled as a place to apply the knowledge that has been obtained. This activity includes observation, orientation, and learning management practices in the classroom. In short, P4 is a program for education study program students. structured, planned, guided through internship activities at school. This activity aims to prepare students of education study programs to be more competent in managing and implementing learning programs before working as real novice educators.

Learning Introduction and Management Program (P4) weighing 4 credits is carried out for approximately 7 weeks. Learning Introduction and Management (P4) Program activities are carried out on campuses and at schools. P4 activities on campus are carried out for one week. Activities on campus are guided by partner teachers, Heads of Study Programs, and field supervisors from each study program. The assessor in this activity is the field supervisor. Then, the activities of the Learning Introduction and Management Program (P4) were also carried out in schools for approximately 6 weeks. Implementation of P4 is carried out in schools guided by tutors. The appraisers in this activity were the tutors and related school principals.

Before carrying out the Learning Introduction and Management Program (P4), students will receive debriefing. This debriefing equips students about the nature of P4 and professional competence (pedagogic, professional, personality and social) before practicing in real learning situations at school. After the debriefing, students can carry out the Implementation of the Learning Introduction and Management Program in partner schools. This Learning Introduction and Management Program activity can be carried out by students who meet the requirements, including having accumulated a minimum of 100 credits, having passed Education Courses (80%), Language Courses (60%), Literature (60%), Language Proficiency (80%) ), and Learning (100%).

Then this P4 Program was held overseas. Last January, students of the Indonesian Language and Literature Education Study Program had just done P4 for about 1 month. P4 stationed in Thailand. Implementation of the Introduction and Management of Learning Programs abroad is one of the implementations of the MOU that was carried out between the Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya and Fatoni University. This is a form of study program support for students to be able to develop skills both at home and abroad. Of course, in terms of requirements there are differences between P4 held abroad and at home. For students who wish to do P4 abroad, they must have a passport and qualified English skills.

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