Five Thai students are learning Indonesian at FIB UB

Malang, Saturday, June 24, 2023, the leadership of the Faculty of Cultural Studies (FIB), Brawijaya University (UB), together with the Indonesian Language for Foreign Speakers (BIPA) team and the lecturers of the Indonesian Language and Literature Education program (Diksasindo), welcomed the arrival of five students from Fatoni University, Thailand. These five students came to FIB as part of the Student Inbound program to participate in BIPA learning at FIB UB. The students will participate in the BIPA program at FIB UB for a period of one month.

“These five students will learn Indonesian in the BIPA program at FIB UB for about a month. After that, they will return to Thailand to continue their studies at Fatoni University,” said Muh. Fatoni Rohman, the Chairman of BIPA FIB UB.

The welcoming ceremony began with a performance of the Beskalan Putri dance. Then, accompanied by a Thai lecturer named Mr. Islahuddin, the five Thai students continued the welcoming activities in the meeting room of Building B, FIB UB. There, the welcome was given by Mr. Sahiruddin, the Vice Dean I of FIB UB. He stated that FIB would provide the best facilities to assist Thai students in learning Indonesian at BIPA FIB UB.

“FIB will provide our best facilities to assist our younger siblings from Fatoni University in learning Indonesian at BIPA FIB. I will also speak with the library department so that students can access all the references that can help the learning process here,” he said.

The activities continued with a placement test conducted in the classroom. The test was conducted to determine the level of proficiency in the Indonesian language of the students. Additionally, through this test, the students will be divided into classes based on their proficiency levels in Indonesian. (Ren)

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