Brawijaya Cultural Performance 2020

Brawijaya Cultural Performance is an annual event organized by the Indonesian Language and Literature Education study program, Faculty of Cultural Sciences, Universitas Brawijaya. The Brawijaya Cultural Performance is also intended as a form of appreciation to welcome new families or new Diksasindo students, with the aim of being a forum to strengthen relationships between new students and seniors, and as a forum to showcase the talents of the new Diksasindo family through a performance.

The implementation of UN activities has been ongoing since 2017 until now. In previous years, the United Nations was held with several kinds of activities or a series of events. This year is no exception, although this year’s United Nations is held online, various activities have been made in such an interesting way. Carrying the name Introduction Diksasindo 2020, this year’s PBB is still aimed at introducing and providing an overview to new Diksasindo 2020 students regarding the Diksasindo study program online or online.

This year’s UN implementation was carried out for approximately three months, starting from September, until the end of November 2020. At first, new students were divided into several groups, which later these groups would make it easier for them to get to know one another. Furthermore, the first face-to-face activity was carried out through the Zoom media platform which was held on October 3, 2020 in the First Gathering Activity. The activity contained the introduction of new students regarding the 2020 Introduction of Diksasindo, the introduction of Himaprodi, then continued with the introduction of the Diksasindo Community which consisted of the DII Theater community, Diksasindo Futsal, and the Diksasindo Teaching community 2020. Through the First Gathering activity, the Diksasindo 2020 Introduction event was officially opened by the Head of Study Program. Diksasindo, namely Mr. Mauli Syaiful Rizal, M.Pd.

Diksasindo’s 2020 introduction activities continued with the provision of assignment materials and games to new students, in addition to assignments in the form of materials, new Diksasindo students were also asked to make videos containing their performances in the field of literature such as, reading poetry, poetry theatrics, monologues, musicals, pantomimes, and others, which of course, these activities are carried out regularly and continuously until the Diksasindo 2020 Induction ends. Even though the circumstances are difficult and difficult for all, the Diksasindo 2020 Introduction event proudly and confidently continues to dedicate this event to new Diksasindo students, with the hope of growing a sense of love and pride for the Indonesian Language and Literature Education study program.

Message from the Chief Executive of the United Nations 2020
“This year has been tough, it’s not easy to finish this event. Various concepts have been created to suit the current situation. I hope that in the future the committee will be able to make a good concept of the event, whatever the circumstances, all must be well prepared, and ready to take responsibility for their decisions. Don’t forget to maintain communication and make the PBB next year more creative and make new Diksasindo students get to know the Indonesian Language and Literature Education study program even better. Thank you for everything.” – Erika Putri.

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