All About Independent Campus : Student Exchange

In June 2021, Kampus Merdeka issued a Student Exchange program where students can study at other universities. This program aims to bring together students from all over Indonesia to get to know each other, share, appreciate differences, and celebrate diversity in Indonesia. Not only that, students can also improve or expand their academic competence. Student Exchange by Kampus Merdeka will be back in the next disemester, to welcome it Himaprodi Diksasindo make research on this Student Exchange program through several related lecturers and students who have attended in the previous semester.

The student exchange learning process has 3 options, the first with a total of 20 sks in the recipient’s college conducted offline. The second, 20 SKS with a combination of 10 offline SKS at PT receiver and 10 sks online at PT Mitra. Lastly, 20 SKS with a combination of 10 SKS in pt receiver offline and 10 SKS in PT mitra or PT asal online. But seeing the pandemic worsen, this year’s Student Exchange program was declared 100% online and nothing offline.

The facilities obtained when participating in student exchanges include UKT assistance of a maximum of 2.4 million rupiah, but for students who are on scholarships do not get help because it has been paid by the government. In addition to UKT assistance, other facilities obtained are monthly fee assistance, credit fees and travel accommodation when done offline. For more info can be accessed through social media Diksasindo, namely @diksasindo.ub or through the website Of Merdeka Campus.

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