Providing E-Complaint

Faculty of Cultural Studies provides facilities for internal (students, staff, lecturers, etc.) parties to accommodate complaints and suggestions. This facility is called e-complaint and was made by Management of Information System, Infrastructure, Information Technology and Public Relation or Pengelola Sistem Informasi, Infrastruktur, Teknologi Informasi, dan Kehumasan (henceforth PSIK). Complaints can be submitted online on FCS official website ( The form of e-complaint in FCS website requires information such as (1) e-mail address; (2) full name; (3) NIM/NIK/NIP; (4) Service Complaints; (5) Aspects that need to be improved; (6) Suggestions and Feedback for services; and (7) Description of Complaint Details (8) Telephone number. For a better performance, UB has rebranded UB E-Complaint into UB Care in 2020. External parties (local communities, guests, etc.) can contribute to submitting suggestion and complaint by accessing UB Care (

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