Fakultas Ilmu Budaya Universitas Brawijaya

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Fax : 0341-575882 (direct)

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  1. Academic Advisory Lecturer (DPA or Dosen Pembimbing Akademik)

Each student has an academic supervisor who will assist students in the academic field, starting from consulting study plans, participating in activities such as Student Activity Units (UKM), scholarships, learning difficulties, etc.

  1. Student Counseling Institute (Lembaga Konseling Mahasiswa or LKM)

LKM is part of the Center for Academic and Professional Education Development (P3AP) Universitas Brawijaya to provide counseling facilities for students who experience difficulties and interfere with academic activities. Services can be accessed via



HopeHelps UB aims to provide quick response services for UB academics. If you experience or know an incident of sexual violence, contact us and HopeHelps UB will help you according to your needs.

WhatsApp, Phone, SMS: 0851-5833-7959

General at 09.00-17.00 WIB
Emergency 24/7 (In case of Emergency, send “Emergency” for notification)

HopeHelps prioritizes the principle of victim interest and non-discrimination, therefore all submitted reports will be kept confidential. Complaints about assistance services by the Local Chapter can be sent to


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