International Library Resources

1. International Book Reference

The faculty has acquired 38 international books published within the last five to a maximum of the last 10 years. We have integrated these international books into each course curriculum. In this initial phase, we ensure the inclusion of at least 1-2 international books with the aim of equipping all courses with the latest reference materials, encompassing contemporary theories and studies, as essential lecture materials, learning resources, and references for research. These books are published by esteemed publishers such as Routledge, Taylor & Francis, Cambridge University Press, Springer Nature, Lexington, and MIT Press. We have made available a comprehensive list of these books online, ensuring easy accessibility for students. Additionally, we have incorporated the purchased books into the lesson plans for each course, enabling students to easily identify international reference sources directly from their course materials.

Printed copies of these books will be housed in the faculty library, specifically in the Self-Access Center (SAC) room. As evidence of the book purchases, we provide invoices.

Furthermore, we offer a selection of books from KITLV that are accessible within the SAC. These books, published by Brill (Netherlands), prove invaluable for courses in Indonesian language, literature, and culture.

Internasional Books List


List of Books subscribed to by SAC from KITLV


2. Journals

We provide international journal references, namely the Journal of Indonesia and The Malay World (Taylor & Francis). We have subscribed to the Journal of Indonesia and The Malay World with proof of invoice. We have also included references from this journal in the lesson plans for courses in the fields of literature and linguistics.

Next year, we will also subscribe to the journal Indonesia published by Cornell University. This journal focuses on topics related to Indonesian culture, society, history, and governance over time. This journal is essential for enriching the courses on Indonesian language and literature studies.

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