Student Support in the Area of Mental Health

The university has provided support to students in the field of mental health by involving the entire academic community in a more efficient manner as follows: (1) providing mental health material during the Introduction to Campus Life for New Students (PKKMB), (2) when students become enrolled, they receive psychological first aid training from the Task Force for the Prevention and Handling of Sexual Violence (Satgas PPKS), (3) Providing mental health material to students during the Student Village Development activities (MMD), (4) Students are equipped with video content creator training on the theme of Prevention and Handling of Sexual Violence (PPKS) in the university environment. (5) Academic Advisors have been equipped with psychology and counseling training by the Education and Quality Assurance Development Institute (LP3M) in 2017 and the Directorate of Student Affairs in 2023, (6) Lecturers participate in the Socialization of the Prevention of Three Issues of Violence in the Workplace in response to the letter from the Secretary-General of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology Number: 22807/A/PK.01/2023 dated July 13, 2023, regarding the Capacity Improvement of Wiyata Kinarya Merdeka Belajar (WKMB).

Institutionally, at each faculty level, there is already an Integrated Service Unit for Sexual Violence and Bullying (ULTKSP), and at the university level, there is a Task Force for the Prevention and Handling of Sexual Violence (Satgas PPKS).

The faculties organize Psychoeducation activities for the Prevention and Handling of Sexual Violence and Bullying for students, lecturers, and educational staff.

Dharma Wanita has declared the Integrity Pact for PPKS in the Dharma Wanita Sahabat Kampus program in collaboration with the Gender Studies Center of Brawijaya University (PSG UB), Satgas PPKS UB, Women Crisis Center (WCC) Dian Mutiara, the Association of Women/Gender and Child Studies Centers in Indonesia (ASWGI), and the DWP Directorate General of Research and Technology Education.

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